Project that enabled the restructuring and effective management of the broadcaster’s news production.

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The broadcaster with the largest ratings in the Greater Fortaleza area, Rede Verdes Mares recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. It aired the first color broadcast in Northeastern Brazil in 1974.

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Brazil: Ceará


Rede Globo affiliate broadcaster

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The project

An affiliate of Rede Globo de Televisão, Rede Verdes Mares is the broadcaster with the highest ratings in the Greater Fortaleza area, in addition to covering the entire north of Ceará, in a total of 184 municipalities, including some other states in the region. With about 9 million potential viewers, it is currently one of SNEWS’ main clients.

The project brought a change of concept to the broadcaster, creating a more modern and intuitive outlook, and providing one of the largest newsrooms in Brazil with manageable, centralized production. Today, ANEWS plays the role of the great conductor of Verdes Mares’ newsroom, and all news content – such as assignments, features, contacts, and production maps – is managed by the solution.

This implementation of ANEWS was of particular importance to SNEWS, as it helped in the process of modernization and evolution of the solution itself.

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Unification of the group’s newsroom system

Jovem Pan

Broadcast solutions for the largest radio station in Brazil

Serra Dourada

Modernization of all management software