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About the Client

Rede Vida is a national open television broadcaster in Brazil. Founded on June 20, 1995, Rede Vida is deeply rooted in its Christian inspiration, unwavering commitment to moral and ethical principles, and its dedicated service to the cause of human and social well-being. With coverage on VHF and UHF open channels, it stands out as the broadcaster with the widest distribution on cable and satellite television in Brazil. Rede Vida is also accessible through parabolic antennas, both in digital and analog signals. It features 24-hour programming produced in high definition (HD) format. This programming originates from its main transmission center in São José do Rio Preto, located in the interior of São Paulo, along with auxiliary studios in major cities such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre, and Brasília. Additionally, the network showcases independent productions and journalistic reports received from various regions of Brazil and around the world.

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Over 1500 municipalities


Television broadcaster

SNEWS Solutions:

ARION NRCS and Viz Flowics

The project

Rede Vida approached SNEWS Broadcast Solutions with specific challenges in its content production. Its production team, responsible for cultural, sports, and entertainment programs, was facing difficulties in efficiently managing its workflow. These challenges primarily revolved around two key points:
1. Inexperienced production team
2. Adapting Arion for general production

Key Highlights

The project achieved seamless workflow integration with the implementation of Arion NRCS, complemented by Vizrt’s cloud-native HTML5-based graphics platform, Viz Flowics. This achievement was made possible through API-based integration, allowing Arion and Viz Flowics to work together smoothly, enhancing the entire journalistic workflow.

This integration goes beyond conventional MOS protocols, introducing several valuable features. This includes advanced preview capabilities, flexible template editing, and efficient graphic list management.
The result is a cohesive and intuitive journalistic operation, setting new standards for efficiency and quality in news production.

Workflow Improvements with Arion NRCS

√ Simplified Content Access
√ Comprehensive Review of Produced Materials
√ Seamless Integration with the Teleprompter

Post-Project Situation

“The synergy between Arion and Flowics enabled efficient integration that made our graphic solution automation completely smooth.”
Denis Fernandes
Project Manager, Rede Vida

Rede Vida successfully addressed its production challenges by partnering with SNEWS Broadcast Solutions and adopting Arion NRCS. This case study highlights the adaptability of Arion NRCS in diverse content production environments, making it a valuable asset for broadcasters like Rede Vida seeking greater workflow efficiency and content organization.

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