At SET EXPO 2018, SNEWS will exhibit a workflow that includes artificial intelligence and content creation at a very competitive price.

Eliezer Reis, CTO at SNEWS, said: "We are one of the few companies to provide a workflow that ranges from ingest to playout at an extremely competitive price. A software combination like this is currently being offered by larger companies at a higher cost. Reis adds that: "Our solution’s architecture makes it possible to scale the project depending on the client’s requirements and taking into account the company’s financial reality. The solution uses a service-oriented architecture that is easily scalable to multiple servers and diverse environments, such as data center and cloud.''

Furthermore, Reis talks about the new functionalities of SNEWS MAM that will be presented during the trade show, in São Paulo: "Our MAM solution offers components of artificial intelligence capable of automatically cataloging and identifying digital assets, therefore eliminating time-consuming tasks such as manually inserting metadata into petabytes of data assets. The application of AI offers broadcasters a more efficient use of human resources and a substantial increase in their return on investment (ROI).”

Among other AI components in the SNEWS MAM are: face recognition, object recognition, brand recognition, translation, speech-to-text analysis and optical character recognition (OCR).

Source: PRODU