Personalized Settings

Make all necessary settings according to each journalist´s preferences. The teleprompter software offers auxiliary tools for presenters to feel even more confident in their work.

Convenience and Security for the Editor

Due to the tight integration between TPNEWS and ANEWS, the producer will have full control of the production. Producers can make any necessary changes to the rundown with the assurance that all updates will be carried out in real-time.

MOS Synchronization

By using MOS protocol, the teleprompter will always be synchronized with the rundown, ensuring that everybody is equally informed about the status of the pages. The software allows you to monitor time through a stopwatch presented within the NRCS, ensuring that all programs are presented within the predetermined time.

TP Offline

The user can choose whether or not he would like to use the teleprompter system integrated. Using the teleprompter system offline, the user can add, edit, remove and arrange pages directly within the teleprompter software without making any changes in the NRCS.



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