Video Playout

The SNEWS MAM supports integration with Playout Servers making it easy to play videos for your studio signage or your master control.

Media Browsing

Save time searching for content through wildcard symbols, metadata, categories, and images. Multiple search modes that can be combined:
- Simple with wildcard and full-text
- Advanced (custom searches made from specific metadata by user)
- Category based
- Auto Complete, Synonyms, etc.
- Optional image matching/search image in video
- Optional web server for accessing MAM over the internet

Metadata Insertion

The software enables quick and easy media cataloging for production and archive. Personalize your metadata form and define user access levels for the metadata.

File Transcoding

The SNEWS MAM transcodes files by creating media standards and generates proxy versions.

Integration with Storage Systems

It uses standard off-the-shelf server hardware. Our MAM Integrates with any storage such as NAS, SAN, DAS. The software supports a multi-tier architecture for content storage, meaning you have a separate storage for online, nearline and offline, enabling high-performance and low-cost content management.



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