Simplified Video Editing

With NEOEXPRESS it is possible to trim videos instantly while preserving the original media.

Multiple Playlists

Set up and play multiple playlists simultaneously, regardless of the number of acquired channels.

Integration with ANEWS

NEOEXPRESS integrates with ANEWS via MOS Protocol, offering flexibility inthe playlists content management.

Time Management

Easy viewing of the display time for video and/or playlist via a configurable timer with visual alerts.

Independent Preview

Preview any of the videos while the software is in production.

External Control Playback

NEOEXPRESS connects standard control devices and maps the commands available in software providing flexibility in system operation in agreement with operator preferences.

Integration with High-End Production Switchers

Connect your Production Switcher directly with NEOEXPRESS over the network by using the AMP protocol / SerialTally or directly via Tally / GPIO.

Dynamic Playlist

The NEOEXPRESS allows the addition of a variety of media in various formats and resolutions at any time in the playlist, adapting content in real-time in accordance with output settings.



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