‘SNews has gone through an important period of research and development in which it focused on better understanding the demands of the multimedia sector. In the next 10 years, communication groups will require new sources of income and reduce costs of inflated infrastructure and outdated workflows, as well as find new forms of contribution with the headend and social media,’ said Tiago Cunha, Project Manager at SNews. In addition to the operational structure, broadcasters now need models that are 100% multimedia. Having a structure that serves only one communication vehicle is no longer feasible. A content shown on TV needs to be easily adjustable to be displayed on any other media platform." he added.

At the CAPER Show, SNews will show how it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate the workflow of communication groups. ‘We are in a time of technological revolution in which companies are forced to rethink the way they produce content. The tools we are introducing are easy to use and can significantly reduce the company’s operational costs’, explains Cunha.

‘Content is and always will be king. With this in mind, SNews offers one of the most complete and intelligent MAM systems on the market. It can integrate with a variety of suppliers such as cloud, storage, AI, transcoding and distribution, enabling new sources of monetization’.

The software offers new ways to reduce storage costs, more efficiency in the newsroom and a Production Asset Management (PAM) that integrates all media within a large group.

‘Video editing was also contemplated into the package of new functionalities of their software. The robust editing station can now be supported by more modest equipment. HD or 4K content can be edited on the video editor’s equipment with the Edit in Proxy tools offered by SNews, reducing cost with editing stations and increasing the collaboration and speed of the production team’, he concluded.

Source: PRODU