Transforming Sports' Digital Coverage with Integrated Solutions


About the Client

LiveMode is a prominent sports marketing agency in Brazil. In partnership with Youtuber Casimiro Miguel, they launched the CazéTV project, focused on the digital coverage of sports events. CazéTV covers a wide range of regional, national, and international events, with an emphasis on football and Olympic sports, both male and female. The project aims to provide comprehensive, high-quality media coverage associated with various organizations in the sports market.

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SNEWS Solutions:

  • Arion NRCS
  • vMix (Playout e CG)
  • AWS

The project

LiveMode, after the success of the coverage of the men’s World Cup, saw its content production volume grow exponentially. Faced with this expansion, the need for a system to efficiently organize production became evident.

They faced the lack of specific automation for the sports production market, as well as integration issues with the vMix playout environment and the need for software adaptable to their unique workflow, especially regarding production scripts.

Key Highlights

SNEWS introduced Arion NRCS as a comprehensive system for efficient collaborative work management, facilitating task assignments and content organization.

Cloud Environment

A scalable cloud environment on AWS was configured, allowing LiveMode to reduce investments in physical infrastructure and expand its operations as needed.

vMix Integration

The integration of Arion NRCS with vMix was carried out, enabling a seamless and efficient workflow from production to display. This integration significantly improved the quality and efficiency of live broadcasts.

Specific Workflow Support

Within Arion, adjustments were made in the Rundown Module to meet the unique needs of LiveMode’s sports production. These specific configurations were carefully adjusted to facilitate script management and the orchestration of broadcasts, ensuring perfect integration with the team’s workflow.

Post-Project Situation

1. Broadcast Scripts: Enhanced tools for creating and managing scripts, facilitating content production.

  1. Contacts Management: Centralized management of contacts and teams, improving communication and collaboration.
  2. Social Media Monitoring: Integrated monitoring tools, allowing real-time tracking of interactions and feedback on social networks.
  3. Centralized Management: Centralized management of external and studio productions, increasing operational efficiency.
  4. Integration with Playout and Graphics: Complete integration with playout and graphics systems, providing a more cohesive and professional broadcast.

Transforming Sports Coverage

LiveMode, in partnership with Youtuber Casimiro Miguel, launched the CazéTV project to cover sports events on digital channels. Facing challenges in organization, integration, and adapting to a specific workflow, LiveMode found the ideal solution in SNEWS. The implementation of Arion NRCS resulted in an integrated and efficient system, enabling LiveMode to deliver high-quality, scalable, and well-organized sports coverage. This transformation exemplifies the positive impact of SNEWS technology in modernizing and improving digital sports media operations.

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