Elevating News Operations: A Seamless Integration Journey with BM&C

In a transformative collaboration, SNEWS partnered with BM&C, a prominent news portal and social media platform, on their journey to transition into a cable TV channel while maintaining a robust online presence. This case study explores the challenges faced by BM&C and how SNEWS, leveraging its main product Arion NRCS, successfully redefined their operational framework.

Client Challenges:

BM&C encountered challenges in content organization, collaboration inefficiencies, limited automation experience, and reliance on third-party consultants for technology needs. These obstacles highlighted the need for a comprehensive solution to streamline their workflow and enhance overall productivity.

Client Objectives:

SNEWS addressed BM&C’s objectives by introducing Arion NRCS, a collaborative work management system. The implementation included well-defined workflows, a robust content management system, and seamless integration with WordPress for efficient content publication on the web portal.

Integration with Viz Flowics:

To further enhance BM&C’s workflow, SNEWS facilitated seamless integration with Vizrt’s Viz Flowics, a cloud-native HTML5-based graphics platform. This API-based integration allowed Arion NRCS and Viz Flowics to work together seamlessly, introducing advanced features such as:

1. HTML5 Plugin Access: Journalists can directly access an HTML5 plugin within Arion, providing powerful tools for content creation.

2. Template Editing: Flexibility in editing pre-existing templates empowers journalists to customize content according to specific needs.

3. Media Preview: Journalists can preview media content through API calls, ensuring a clear understanding of how graphics will appear in the final broadcast.

4. Spell-Checking: The plugin incorporates browser spell-checking, maintaining the accuracy and professionalism of the content.

5. Real-Time Updates: Content approval leads to immediate export to Viz Flowics, ensuring real-time updates for graphics and a responsive workflow for broadcasters.

BM&C’s Success Story:

The successful integration of Arion NRCS from SNEWS and Viz Flowics has transformed BM&C’s operational dynamics. From a web-based news portal to a cable TV channel, BM&C is now well-equipped to provide high-quality economic news to a broader audience. This achievement reflects SNEWS’ commitment to supporting media organizations in reaching their goals through adaptability and technological integration in the ever-evolving media landscape.


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