Panel analyzes Artificial Intelligence and its use in the media.

Artificial intelligence (AI) as an opportunity for distribution and content creation was the theme of the panel moderated by Jair Soares Ventura, Technology Manager, Jornal do Commercio de Comunicação System, this afternoon in SET Nordeste 2018, in Fortaleza (CE).

The panel analyzed opportunities and envisioned possible ways to explore content distribution supported by Artificial Intelligence, and how the adoption of new technologies, adding value to existing processes, can bring surprising results. “Modern companies have overcome traditional ones through disruptive processes that integrate different technologies and eliminate barriers”, he explained.

Tiago Cunha, SNews Project Manager approached the subject from the point of view that we are experiencing, perhaps in the most intense way in history, transformation technologies reaching the point of maturity at the same time. “We are watching the creation of tools that are in fact applicable and make a significant difference for the user. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence have completely changed the way of dealing with media assets, the way of distribution, new ways of monetization and reduction of the cost structure ”, he said.
As an example, he cites the fact that we heard that the internet was going to end television. “No, you won’t. Today we know that it can end the way of watching open television, but it itself will not end because new ways and practices emerge, such as OTT ”, he exemplifies.

Another important point observed in recent years, according to the speaker, is the need to review the business processes of the communication groups “which must increasingly shift the focus from the platform to the content, in flows increasingly oriented to the fact that will be counted ”. Two examples are Newswhip and Narrative Science, which already exist and have a low production cost. “They guide where your content should go and on what platform it should be served,” he emphasizes. “

SET Nordeste 2018: Artificial Intelligence already saves lives and can save content


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