Complete Workflow

ANEWS supports collaborative workflow, emphasizes the interaction between all users and ensures the highest quality, from the newspaper's production to the final news on-air production.

Integration between Software and Sites

With ANEWS, you can integrate the editorial room with its sites in real time as well as integrate with other broadcast solutions. Through MOS protocol, Intelligent Interface and Web Service, ANEWS integrates with other systems such as Playout, MAM, TP, GC and Closed Captioning.

Web Access

Quick and immediate access to any computer via the Web or Mobile Application. ANEWS is the only NRCS software that is truly cross-platform, allowing the journalist to meet the requirements for an excellent production.

Searching News

Research news through RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook pages and send your material to be published on the Broadcaster website directly from the system.

Shared Contacts

Share all the Issuer's sources in a single directory and find contacts through any registered information.

Multifunctional Assignments

Create scripts and assignments linked to the event calendar and monitor their status. Send your assignment directly to the users e-mail address and access assignments from anywhere around the globe with the ANEWS App.

Production Map

Control the entry and exit of employees and materials for the production of a certain assignment. Stay informed on whether tasks have been completed or not and avoid administrative mistakes.

Reporting News made easy

Create your story with only a few clicks. With the ANEWS Mobile Application, you won't need to print the script and can start your story from wherever you are.

Rundowns in Real-Time

Offers an exact time count of your programs surpluses or overruns to avoid possible gaps and synchronizes the status of each story with your teleprompter. Add videos to your rundown directly from the MAM and send VTs to your Playout in the desired order.

Roadmap for Dynamical Programs

Non-news programs also have their space in our NRCS. We have reserved an area especially for entertainment programs with all the necessary fields for an excellent production. Search for videos and images and insert them directly into the scripts.

Events Calendar

Schedule all appointments in a shared calendar. In addition to being able to filter which user will have access to each calendar, the calendar sends you an email notification whenever you have been registered for an event.

Graphical Management Report

Control everything that happens inside your newsroom by having access to graphical representations of productivity and/or faults. The graphics can be generated regarding a particular period or program, facilitating the management and monitoring of the productivity of the Issuer.



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